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ken_zou_kun's Journal

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-------------[ about me ] I’m 28 years old and I'm from Hungary. My English is quite bad, but please bear with it. :) My main interest is japanese entertainment (jpop, idols, anime, manga, seiyuu, yaoi, vn, otome games and so on).

-------------[ about my lj ] In my journal you can find Japanese entertainment-related stuffs, entries and random rants about how (my) life sucks. Lately I can't update my journal as often as I want because of real-life issues (mostly work), but I hop in the fandom every now and then, and I'll try to post a bit more frequently...

-------------[ i LOVE ] ♥ Yamashita Tomohisa ♥ Kamenashi Kazuya ♥ Hayami Mokomichi ♥ Oguri Shun ♥ Gackt ♥ Amagi Reno ♥ Mishima Kazuhiko ♥ OLDCODEX ♥ Suzuki Tatsuhisa ♥ Midorikawa Hikaru ♥ Miyano Mamoru ♥ Hirakawa Daisuke ♥ BLCDs ♥ reverse harem visual novels/anime ♥ YAOI! ♥ Manga ♥ Anime ♥

-------------[ i DISLIKE ] × Arashi! (except Aiba) × Tegoshi × homophobes ×

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